Identification Cloisonné Lapel Pin And Soft Enamel Lapel Pin

In recent years, around the collectibles market, the fake lapel pin showing to be getting worse, especially rare lapel pin for generic use of advanced technology, more fish, make it difficult to distinguish between true and false. The fake lapel pins, including imitation (ie, genuine chapter blueprint for mold manufacturing fake chapter) and concoct products two categories, imitation is more common. Identification lapel pins of authenticity, you can learn from Chinese medicine, “look, smell, and asked, cut the four methods of” diagnosis “.

“Hope” lapel pin surface or to observe the natural packet pulp, enamel coating, paint effect, plating, shiny, background patterns, text characteristics. Genuine hard enamel lapel pin colors, paint bright, with excellent adhesion and high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. The fake lapel pin is coated with paint system, quick-drying natural curing, paint stacked traces, color gloss differential is too bright, a long time the film easy to shelling from the layer. Lapel pin surface plating layer depth, brightness, thickness is also to identify the authenticity of an important basis.

“Smell” and that the knowledge Bo Wen, or to obtain relevant knowledge from the books and the media, or to the expert collector for identification, or be compared with the same lapel pin. “lapel pin”, and its collections” of dozens the lapel pin appreciation of books published. In recent years, there was even a lapel pin net “lapel pins collection network” and dozens of professional websites, collectors can learn about the relevant knowledge and market, will help to improve the screening ability.

“Q” refers to understanding the ins and outs of the lapel pin, historical background, design, shape, aesthetic principles, technologies and methods, the production process. Each a gold lapel pin, especially early lapel pins production and distribution are based on certain historical events. Apart from the few handmade lapel pin, the the mechanism lapel pin process is roughly: the design drawings – open mold – mold repair – choose the blank – the stamping Zhang blank – electroplating – enamel (or paint) – on the pin – package. The lapel pin varieties vary widely, but the process method is very much the same.

“Cut” refers to the identification lapel pin material density. The lapel pin of the most important production process is the blank stamping chapter. Stamping machine tonnage larger the system the lapel pins the higher the density, but also the lapel pins of the pros and cons to maintain a high smoothness and finish. Most of the early lapel pins were copper production, due to the low hardness, plastic deformation, using a steel mold by gravity stamping lapel pin is on the back of the concave and convex indentation is particularly evident in the inscriptions is particularly clear. Some fake lapel pins, the use of advanced silicone molding technology, the upcoming real goods chapter embossed copy of Fan mold on silica gel, after chemical treatment, the silicone hard as steel, into the mold. Silicon die forged lapel pins, although the appearance is very similar, but its texture and the essential difference between the real thing.


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