How To Wear Flag Pins Properly

With the increasing number of people wearing pins, especially this year is the 60th anniversary of the National Day, more and more people will wear a national flag pin, that is, a five-star red flag pin. The pin factory will make pins according to the appearance of the national flag of our country, basically the national flag. The reproductions. Referring to national regulations concerning the national flag, when wearing it, we must follow the following rules to show that we respect the national flag.

Wear it over there: It should be worn on the left side, chest, because it is the location of the heart
Where to wear: 5-10cm above the heart is the best place to wear. If you wear a formal dress, you can not be on the clothes collar, so that the flag pin is more prominent.
Adjust the position of the flag, do not reverse, tilt.


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