How to Wear A Lapel Pin

Lapel pin as one kind of light and exquisite jewelry, it can be used as identity, brand identity, some of the major pictures, promotional and gift sports, but also tend to wear lapel pins as a method. To grasp the exact wear lapel pins, not only related to your identity tag, and relationship to you courtesy image. So, wear a lapel pin is inevitable elegant, this article the first wear lapel pins methods.

The same lapel pin, everyone sometimes the status of the service lapel pins to wear are not the same, is there is no fixed position of wear, lapel pins, but we often do on TV, magazines and see the stars who wear lapel pins are less obtrusive, as well as our guide people to visit and perhaps involved in a serious meeting, and will wear a lapel pin on his chest, mean the lapel pin of the homeland, in our eyes is such a familiarization and intimacy. Properly wear lapel pins, and gives the results of divergent kind.

Most of the lapel pins are worn on the left chest position, but there are a number of meetings gold lapel pin worn on the collar of the suit, armbands, collar, have a relatively fixed position. Wear lapel pins to pay attention to the big and small with the severity of the lapel pin, such as lapel pins of unmatched big and heavy is required to add barbed horse needle, to prevent lapel pin lost down; exquisitely simple lapel pin, you can with a magnet affixed to prevent the clothes left on the Blood Brothers pinhole. Wear lapel pins when they pay attention to the mix with the color of his clothes. Pregnant women and children wear lapel pins, as far as possible the use of magnets accessories barbed horse needle, so as not to stab the skin.

, Wear lapel pins place differences, big and small shape of the lapel pin divergent, and sometimes you can be based on I wear dress to choose the exact position of wear. For example, you wear a suit, sometimes you can wear the lapel pin on the collar; you wear unmatched majority of unconventional installed, you can select a large number of lapel pins to wear. If you choose lapel pin component is not very heavy, another heartache on clothes lapel pins stab a hole, you can choose magnetic lapel pin.

Find the style of your favorite lapel pin, lapel pin to wear the lapel pin of the differences of place and differences using differences method, to find your accurate method of lapel pin wearing, show divergent kind of style, allowing you to more high-profile.


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