How To Protective Lapel Pins

A collector, not only have Zhenhan and rich collections, and have a clear purpose of collection; must not only have the ability to identify a high standard of appreciation, but also have considerable cultural and historical and special knowledge; but also do collections the binding

The way of protection. Where the lapel pin collectible must be according to their material using different protective measures to ensure the security of the lapel pin. The specific approach is to:

1 corrosion rust-proof method: dirt and water stains on the metal lapel pin you want the lapel pin surface is a natural pack slurry and gently wipe, and then into the binding material within a closed or semi-closed and placed in dry and ventilated cupboard. Should be noted that away from camphor and other chemical insect repellent, to avoid corrosion lapel pin collections. Easily corroded materials as silver, copper, iron, nickel, lead, aluminum.

2 corrosion and moisture method: adjust the humidity of the surrounding, in particular, not placed in the dark and damp places; to stay away from the kitchen and bathroom, should be placed in a cool ventilated room, and from time to time to pay attention to the the perishable Yi tide collections checks whether the lapel pin surface mold fouling. Identify problems in time, but be careful not to damage the natural pack slurry. General fear of rot afraid of the tide made of copper, iron, nickel, lead, aluminum, bamboo, cloth, paper, silk, and with the paint quality, enamel collections.

3 anti-light anti-dry: some gold lapel pins too dry after the long-term sun exposure will cause harm and therefore should not be put in direct sunlight custody. Dark, ventilated, suitable humidity is an important condition to protect the lapel pin, or some lapel pin of paint colors is easy transformation, plastic, wood lapel pin is also likely to cause aging and deformation. At the same time, the lapel pin of gold, silver, copper, iron, nickel, lead, aluminum and other materials should also pay attention to the anti-light.

4 to prevent accidental damage of the way: to prevent fires is an important part of each collector must always pay attention, especially for collectors of smoking, but can not be taken lightly. Accidental damage protection measures to implement Chapter Chapter isolation, must be wearing thin gloves whenever reading, gently, pay attention to prevent hard objects collide with each other, in particular, be careful not to drink and look at the collections. In short, the protection of lapel pins must be for scientific, foolproof, must not be careless.


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