How To Make Rush Lapel Pins Order?

1000 lapel pins making duration takes about 5-7 days, then how in the three days so a very short period of time to complete their 1000 lapel pins here to recommend lapel pin making the lithography process. ”

Lithography process for complex artwork lapel pin does not involve mold, hand-coloring, this can save a lot of time, it is a pattern printed directly by the professional press lapel pin surface, after drying the surface plus a layer transparent resin (Polly) saver.

Lithography lapel pins made of iron, stainless iron, stainless steel, copper. This way finished 1000 in a very short time of three days this lapel pins can.

Addition to offset printing lapel pins, screen printing lapel pins, the production process is much the same, after drying will saver surface coated with a layer of transparent resin (Polly), collectively referred to as Epoxy lapel pins.

Printed lapel pins can be rapid production of large quantities to meet due to a complex pattern of lapel pins making, especially for landscape lapel pin making customers’ needs, such as promotional lapel pin, cheap lapel pins.

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