How To Make Beauty Lapel Pins

The lapel pins are mainly made ​​of raw materials such as copper, aluminum, zinc alloy as a basis for.

The lapel pin is divided into soft enamel lapel pins, hard enamel lapel pins, printed lapel pins. Each of the different styles of lapel pins, their production and characteristics.

Soft enamel lapel pin, bright colors, clear lines. Generally copper, zinc alloy and other materials.

Imitation enamel lapel pin surface is flat, the surface is smooth and delicate, careful production of sperm, giving a very noble and beautiful feeling.

Printing lapel pins into screen printing, offset printing.

Screen printing for simple images, color-less lapel pin. Lithography, complex patterns, more colors, especially with gradient color lapel pin.

The color of the lapel pin and lapel pin type and technology. The color of soft, imitation enamel single bite version lapel pin is relatively abundant, printing can produce a variety of colors.


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