How To Custom Your Lapel Pins

How to custom your lapel pins

Choose the most suitable type

The most appropriate type depends on your needs. If you make a company logo as a pins, you need to fully consider the requirements and limitations of the VI system.
Stamping pinss are mainly for pinss that do not have color, they are made of metal or plating colors
Find more pins factories to compare prices, of course, do not necessarily choose the lowest price
Design pins

pins manufacturers or pins companies will help you design the pins you want to make.
Send pictures, or design ideas to the factory designers.
They will help you design the pins you need. You can also refer to some physical samples or pinss, etc.
Cost considerations

General pins manufacturers will have a minimum starting amount for different types of pinss (usually 100-300 pieces)
When the quantity is small, the unit price will be very high
5000 or more general manufacturers will make molds and samples for free


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