Driver’s Lapel Pin

1925 Guangdong-Hong Kong strike medals, First Red Star Medal awarded by the 1933 Chinese Soviet Military Commission, 1934 the puppet Manchukuo emperor ascended the throne medals … Yesterday morning, made ​​Jiulongpo District Yanshiping Bridge paint village of 18 residents home, the retirement of the Three Gorges paint driver Zhou Weiguo showed reporters the baby. In the past 30 years, he collected 66 various types of lapel pins.

Zhou Weiguo is a retired driver, as well as a military enthusiast (military lapel pin). The early 1980s, the dormitory next door lived a Korean War veteran, see I like the lapel pin, send me one, it is my first collection. “Zhou Weiguo told reporters, and since then, no matter where travel, will find time to go to some of the antiques market Amoy baby. Zhou Weiguo said that the 1980s, he went to Chengdu travel, taking the time to go to a trip to Qingyang Gong, a flea market, “Huadong Military Region of the Third Field Army hero Congress medal in gold in 1951, see liked, although the outcry to 10 yuan, almost his month’s wages, but he bought the home a few nights I could not sleep in my hand every day to play with. So far, Zhou Weiguo collection of various types of lapel pins 66.


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