Distinguish Lapel Pins With Appearance

Lapel pin making, some lapel pin can be very obvious that its technology, but some lapel pins due to the smaller difference in appearance, but is not technology, its price, materials, usually there is a difference. Here we briefly introduced some confusing lapel pin technology to identify.

A cloisonné and imitation enamel lapel pin: cloisonne lapel pin, also known as hard enamel lapel pin or true enamel, true enamel lapel pin is the most upscale of all the lapel pins metal lapel pins, followed by imitation enamel. True enamel, and imitation enamel looks very similar, and then how to identify its process. Consider the following:

True enamel from the material point of view using copper, copper-based material that is the main ingredient of imitation enamel can be copper, brass or iron materials.

Enamel colors look really solid particles cloisonne glaze, enamel creams imitation enamel, imitation enamel color than true enamel.

Firing temperature, true enamel temperature of 800 degrees firing imitation enamel fired in the 100 = 200 degrees.

True enamel colors look grainy, imitation enamel is relatively flat and smooth.

Three-dimensional effect, true enamel surface is slightly convex curved, imitation enamel surface is smooth.

Imitation enamel lapel pin and paint lapel pin: This better identification, imitation enamel lapel pin surface is smooth, and paint lapel pin surface by a certain degree of concavity, paint color part of the dent, the metal lines or metal surface bulge. It is worth mentioning here is sometimes added, such as the surface of the paint lapel pin glass Korea will be smooth at this time need to be carefully identified.

Paint lapel pin and bite version of lapel pins, paint lapel pin concavity, its thickness is generally 1.2mm. Bite version of the lapel pin is more subtle lines, thickness of 0.8mm.

Stamping lapel pins and paint lapel pin: stamping lapel pin only metal color, no color, paint lapel pin with paint color.

Zinc Alloy lapel pin and other insignia; zinc alloy lapel pin biggest feature is the cross section will normally be slightly tilted, while the general lapel pin of copper and iron lapel pins are generally not inclined.


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