Communist Youth League Lapel Pins

Communist Youth League lapel pins, commonly known as Tuanhui, a symbol of the Communist Youth League in Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought splendor unite young people of all ethnic groups to forge ahead the direction of party guidelines.

Liguo Jing Tuanhui original designers. In 1958, the CYL Central book decided design Tuanhui, when he was art editor of the China Youth Liguo Jing soon submitted three design later Liguo Jing three design combined into standard drawings, written on the second pattern the Communist Youth League of China, “five words ribbon on the first pattern, the CYL is with reference to the program of the third pattern modify, CYL floating dynamic. Confirmed by the CYL Central Committee, as a sample chapter design.

CYL lapel pin specified by the Communist Youth League Central lapel pin factory production. In strict accordance with the decision promulgated Tuanhui accompanying pattern standard, lapel pin craft without the Communist Youth League approved, any lapel pin plant or unit may secretly produced a lapel pin, but does not allow the lapel pin of the regiment as a commodity to be sold in stores.

The CYL lapel pin custody by a grassroots committee of the Communist Youth League. Mission Branch receives new members to submit the list of new members to their superiors Youth League, and brought back to the regiment’s lapel pin. Distributed by grassroots organizations in taking the oath to join the league, the new members to one per person.

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