Circular Rotating Key Chain

Rotating metal key chain is a very technical content of the novelty keychain, the difficulty is the need for pumping heart, is the badge on the side location of the center

Want to make a hole, then insert a needle, so that the center area of the badge can be rotated to show we introduced from outside to inside. Round a fixed frame, the original also mentioned, try to put the general emblem of the frame edges are enough beautiful rough rings of the frame by two circle the center circle is the need to fight hole location, as long as the appearance can be punched on the line, which is the map and Figure green areas should be enough to make the center of rotation regional rotation, depending on the map and

So as to allow rotation of the middle of the area turn up as far as possible in the case of the beautiful metal edge to put rough. Also to note is that Figure, the following two round one sided badges, two round metal frame to be exactly the same, otherwise it can not be consistent with the next step is shown in Figure blue a line position is the need for pumping the location of the heart, from the side of the center of badge is inserted a needle position, as long as pay attention to well above points can easily do it the ideal rotating key chain.


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