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Thousands of New York Police Use False Badges

New York Times:¬†Thousands of New York Police Use False Badges The police is a real police officer. The badge is a fake badge. There may not be such a thing in the police force that can represent the law like a badge. In many police families, the badges are passed on from generation to generation. […]

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Something About Badge Collection

Badge Collection As an emblem of power, ancient badges are generally embroidered on the banner. Since the rise of the industrial revolution in Europe in the 18th century, the development of the metal production industry, most of the badges in modern times have become absolute souvenirs for identification or commemoration and rewards, and badge materials […]


Wal-Mart’s Creative Badge

Hundred percent sincere: to send hundreds of pieces of creative badge One gold colors, different shapes of medals, neatly placed in a fine wooden box. Thin the number of foot 100. “Wal-Mart senior vice president Fu Ximeng this stunning work of art into the hands of the Executive Vice Governor Rick, suddenly attracted the attention […]