Aristocratic Lapel Pins

Paris nine Fabry Street, which have a left bank and right bank. The right bank of a gathering place of the VIPs. In the novel “The Count of Monte Cristo”, the prosecutor Villefort home is located there.

Once, standing in the right bank of Fabry Street, right into every Xiamen, impressively is the purpose of the lapel pins of nobility;, where replaced by the illustrious name outside the industry.

On the history of Europe, lapel pins can be called a symbol of glory and descent. Almost all the top luxury private homes Di, to the lapel pin as the proof of the family, which become numerous aristocracy groups around the world adhere to blood label. Represents the level of identity of the nobility, on the lapel pin has strict rules, but also with the identity of the nobility and the level of change and change. Strictly speaking, the lapel pin can not be regarded as the royal families of the agency, but its existence is like a business card, can people all, the meaning is very different.

In the 17-19 century, the fascination of the English gentleman, it even to even write a letter or write notes have printed on paper of the British gentlemen’s club lapel pin, in order to reflect the identity of the difference between him and others. As a result, Powell in May 2004 for his distinguished family lineage of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Secretary Chapter Committee for the recognition recognition lapel pins of a family thing also worth mentioning.


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