American Red New Cross Lapel Pins 2

Such as the American Red Cross has a long history but it is also very high brand awareness agencies, to make any changes (even if such a change is better than before), will create a lot of doubts on the brand. Here there is a dilemma balance point: if you just further beautify “the people would think that whether this is necessary if you want to reinvent the wheel, will lead to more opposition voices, like your son tell you that he has suddenly to do a sex change operation. So these special institutions, whether customers or design companies will tend to choose the former. This challenge is greater, any one brand designers would agree one thing: perfect more often than reinvent the wheel more difficult.

But the point of view of the specific design company doing the work, at least in the eyes of my personal point of view, they are successful. The overall visual sense of continuity throughout the ages the original logo, coupled with a New Cross lapel pin, really allows the Red Cross to herd with This flag other peer institutions have even more personality. Comparison with the original logo, by the proportion of the adjustment, the new logo despite an increase in the elements, but overall, they feel more concise and lively than the original flag. Only that the text is gray, if only from pleasing perspective, red and gray of course a good match, but in actual use, especially for a relief agency, the gray to go through the actual test in order to know whether feasible.

Logo are mainly three forms: a button-type signs, mainly for marketing; second is the “classic” signs, the third sign of solely using text. Design company said, the word mark “disaster case”, because this time the flag is not suitable for a marketing nature, it also made me feel strange, in fact, in real disaster case “but more a rich pattern of visual impact, and a gray the text pattern too thin.


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