American Red Cross lapel pins

American Red Cross was founded in 1881, is the world’s largest and one of the most famous rescue organization, mainly responsible for blood collection, disaster relief, ambulance War soldiers and victims, community education and advocacy services. More than 500,000 volunteers in 700 chapters nationwide and 35,000 staff. Me toward the Red Cross, vice president of governance is a worldwide problem of “Red” was a nonsense words regarded, but watch the history of the Red Cross in the United States and Canada, and if people do not what the United States and the United States event, hundred years, but also did very well, with a high level of credibility, but also further enhance the service through the change of brand. The American Red Cross lapel pins new logo designed by Turner Duckworth.

A design company for this non-profit organization designed brand is a very “honored” thing for these charities, has a general commercial organizations focus, in this manual, which makes me impressed the point is how to use the “emotional” for various occasions, that after reading it, I think that the brands coupled with an “emotional” song for them even more perfect, which is actually in the future is also the brand company appropriate time can be considered a project.


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