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Move The “GPS” – Electronic Lapel Pin

New technologies emerging. Where it is needed there will be invented. Many parents fear their children to and from the safety of the road, how to do it? It has recently been invented a moving “GPS” – electronic lapel pins. It is said that, in order to prevent the students encountered was abducted on his […]


Go Buy The Game Lapel Pins!

Net purchases of people recently wandering the Internet, some in foreign ebay and other shopping sites found some very interesting things, and that is hand-painted game characters theme button lapel pins, and popular pricey. The button lapel pin designs are drawn by the original seller, rich in imagination and individual personality, style, very cute. Currently […]


The Original Player Shape Of Lapel Pin

MP5 quite popular recently. You tired of watching HD is filled with domestic MP5? A retro look at the player now! This is not to introduce the traditional mini-clip style MP3 Oh, precisely, is a lapel pin with a pin, it is called Play Button. In addition to pin it back, only three buttons: play, […]


Introduction Of OPP Bags

Although we often used in the badge packaging opp bag, but maybe a lot of people do not know why it is called the OPP, such as why not call APP? For more information from the Central Plains, see below: OPP bag, that stretch of polypropylene, a plastic part, that white is actually a plastic […]


Lapel Pin To Heat Up

It is said that lapel pin is not China’s local culture but from the West. The initial role of the lapel pin is that a person’s identity, status, and later, Olympic athletes of different nationalities began to exchange with each other fashionable lapel pin. It is also people from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games emblem […]

Sedimentation History Of North University Lapel Pin

Republican era of the students wear the school lapel pin regarded as a conscious discipline, to prove identity, regulate behavior, alert action, and proud of it. Because the school lapel pin is the school’s educational philosophy and art reflects the human spirit, and reflects the school’s history, tradition and cultural heritage. Peking University is the […]


Super Mini Mobile Phone Shape Keychain

Germany in recent IFA consumer digital products at the show, a super mini mobile phone for the first time exposure, because this phone as the overall size of a matchbox size generally, is called the world’s smallest mobile phone. The key chain-like cell phones red with chrome, black leather with a white crystal of the […]


The Most Dangerous Key Chain In History

If you happened to see some gun-type key chain, if only that this is just a small toy gun key chain, you’re wrong. Perhaps this is a gunsmith company in Switzerland produced the world’s smallest real revolver, called SwissMiniGun, its total length not exceeding 5.5 cm, with a special real bullets, which the 2.34 mm […]


Three Kinds Of Wine Bottle Opener

Do not look like a simple red wine open, it also requires skill, is an elegant and have some know-how of the action. Currently the market is best to use the wine bottle opener, there are three points: One is the traditional waiter’s knife, bottle opener and electric pressure opener. Waiter’s knife with the basic […]


Watching Baseball And Lapel Pin Exchange

Baseball in Japan, the United States and other countries are very popular, is a strong collective participation confrontational ball tournament. In baseball season, and some even with the whole family out to watch, imagine, how much of its impact. Baseball is a happy thing to see, lapel pin exchange also essential thing. Different participants and […]