What Does The Marathon Medal Mean?

What does the marathon medal mean? The cards are proof of the winners of the various competitions. They are usually made of metal. Sports competitions usually include gold (gold pins), silver and bronze medals for the first, second and third respectively. According to the shape, it can be divided into medals, medals and medals. Medal […]

Something Need To Know When Wear Pins

In the unit, lapel pins are often used to recognize or reward outstanding contributions in the work. For example, if you just promoted, the company will issue a special badge. In addition, many organizations and organizations have their own lapel pins to identify their members. The national flag badge has also been particularly popular over […]

How To Wear Flag Pins Properly

With the increasing number of people wearing pins, especially this year is the 60th anniversary of the National Day, more and more people will wear a national flag pin, that is, a five-star red flag pin. The pin factory will make pins according to the appearance of the national flag of our country, basically the […]


NOC Pins And Olympic Pins

“NOC” is an abbreviation for the National Olympic Committee. The Olympic pin collection is a large category in the collection of products surrounding the Olympic Games, one of the sports pins. It is an event with the highest penetration rate and participation rate. It includes national Olympic Committee production pins and sponsors’ production. The pin, […]


No Holes When Wear Pins

Wear a pin without leaving a hole How to wear pins does not damage the clothes, do not leave a hole in the surface of the clothes Various types of pins are becoming more and more popular. It is a very cool thing to wear special emblems that show individuality. pins can represent a variety […]

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The Step Of Custom Lapel Pins

Anything as long as you add a pin behind it can be used to make a pin. The fact is also true. But for many pins that require customization, you have to find a professional pin factory to do. Here’s a simple introduction to the steps for custom pins: Custom pin 1.Gather your thoughts on […]


Thousands of New York Police Use False Badges

New York Times: Thousands of New York Police Use False Badges The police is a real police officer. The badge is a fake badge. There may not be such a thing in the police force that can represent the law like a badge. In many police families, the badges are passed on from generation to generation. […]

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Lapel Pins Category

There are many kinds of pins and there are many types of pins. Common collectors generally do not have a point. In fact, it is not difficult to identify pins. As long as you learn to understand the nature of the pins prior to collection, you can start slowly. The market is mainly based on […]

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Something About Badge Collection

Badge Collection As an emblem of power, ancient badges are generally embroidered on the banner. Since the rise of the industrial revolution in Europe in the 18th century, the development of the metal production industry, most of the badges in modern times have become absolute souvenirs for identification or commemoration and rewards, and badge materials […]


How To Custom Your Lapel Pins

How to custom your lapel pins Choose the most suitable type The most appropriate type depends on your needs. If you make a company logo as a pins, you need to fully consider the requirements and limitations of the VI system. Stamping pinss are mainly for pinss that do not have color, they are made […]